Tip Sheet Tuesday: How Do I Choose an Adoption Agency to Help Me Make an Adoption Plan?

You’ve made the difficult decision of deciding to make an adoption plan for your baby. But now what? Which agency should you contact to help you through this process? There are many factors for you to consider. Not all adoption agencies are the same.

iStock_000073245993_Small.jpgPersonal Preferences
Ask yourself a few questions about your personal preferences for your child before deciding on an adoption agency or an adoptive family. Consider the openness of the adoption and what type of family you prefer.

  • Do you prefer to have a fully open adoption with the possibility of visiting your child? Or would you prefer to receive only letters and pictures? Or do you want the adoption to be fully closed?
  • Do you wish to live close to the family that you will choose? If you are looking to have an open adoption and visit your child you may want to choose a family who lives closer to make this trip easier.
  • Do you prefer a two-parent family for your child, or are you willing to accept a single-parent family as well?
  • Do you prefer your child have a stay-at-home parent or are you willing to choose a family who works outside of the home?
  • Do you want your child to have siblings?
  • Do you prefer your child to be raised with a particular religion?
  • Does the race of your child’s family have an impact on your decision?

These are just a few questions to ask before going to an agency and choosing your child’s adoptive family.

Agency Checklist
When looking for an adoption agency be sure to ask a few specific questions, such as:

  • Does the agency explain all of your options?
  • Does the agency require or recommend counseling before looking at adoptive parent profiles?
  • What other types of counseling and support does the agency offer and how long does it last? Is it from the time of the contact through delivery and placement?
  • Does the agency have a separate counselor for birth parents and adoptive parents?
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