Tip Sheet Tuesday: Celebrating the Holidays with the Children You Foster

Tip Sheet Tuesday: Celebrating the Holidays with the Children You FosterConflicting loyalties and lost dreams often make the holidays a difficult time for children in foster care. Just as studies show that holidays are stressful times for most of us, these reactions are compounded for youth placed in your home. Here are some suggestions for the holidays.

How can my family make it easier for the children in foster care while they are in our home?

  • Talk about the season ahead of time. Talk about how your family celebrates the holidays. Tell children which of the traditional holidays your house recognizes. Is it Thanksgiving? St. Nick’s Day? Kwanzaa? Hanukah? Christmas? New Year? Or all of the above? Talking about the holidays gives children time to anticipate the upcoming activities and ask questions.
  • Help children in foster care imagine what to expect in your home. Much of what we assume to be commonplace can be new to the children you foster.
  • Share the religious meanings the holidays may have for your family. Talk about your family’s specific customs and activities.
  • Use this time of sharing to learn especially about the religious beliefs, customs, and activities of the children you foster. Try to incorporate at least some of their traditions into your traditions.
  • Some parents try to keep the holidays low key in order to help minimize some of the stress.
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