Tip Sheet Tuesday: Internet Safety Tips for Caregivers

The Internet offers many opportunities for adults and children to learn, and the Internet has also dramatically changed how we communicate.

Tip Sheet Tuesday: Internet Safety Tips for CaregiversUnfortunately, the Internet is also a place where children and adults can be seriously victimized by various kinds of predators. Children and adults can be exposed to cyber-bullying, inappropriate content, and loss of privacy.

In order to effectively protect our children, parents need to know the dangerous aspects of the Internet, including taking the necessary steps to promote internet safety for your family.

The Crimes Against Children Research Center found that one in five youth using the internet received online sexual solicitations. We need to encourage our children to come to us when something inappropriate happens.

Following are some tips that may be helpful for you and your children.

Establishing Family Ground Rules
Families have established house rules for a multitude of behaviors and expectations, but sometimes families neglect to address the importance of developing clear and
consistent rules regarding computer usage.

Families can post a written Family Internet Agreement that should:

  • Set clear boundaries on prohibiting the posting or sharing of personal identifying information online, such as names, pictures, telephone numbers, addresses, passwords, or credit card numbers.This includes not letting your child’s last name appear on the “from” line and some foster parents don’t allow their child to have even his or her first name as part of the email address. Absolutely do not let your child have an email address like Jane.Doe2011@email.com.
  • Continue reading on our website.

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