Tip Sheet Tuesday: How Career Assessments Can Help You Make School and Career Choices

When you were little, you might have always wanted to be a movie star or a Tip Sheet Tuesday: How Career Assessments Can Help You Make School and Career Choicesbasketball player. But, like all but a few people in the world, you realize you probably won’t be one of those rare individuals. You find that you need to make decisions about what kind of work you want to do and what kind of education you want to have.

These are tough decisions. But you don’t have to agonize over them. This is where
career assessments and career counseling come in. These resources are designed to help you get a picture of your abilities, skills, values, and academic profile and match your profile with careers that will probably be a good fit for you.

Career assessments can tell you a lot about yourself. Working with a career counselor helps you pull together this information and explore your career options. They can tell you a lot that you might not know already about yourself, or may verify what you already know. No one but yourself can set your goals, but you will have a better idea about the careers that will be the most satisfying for you and what you need to do to work in those areas.

Assessment tools generally help you to:

  • Identify your strengths, and take a look at your weaknesses. What do you do well and what you could do better?
  • Pinpoint your interests and match them with your strengths. Do you prefer working with machines or drawing and painting?
  • Clarify your values. Do you prefer working with others or alone? Do you want to help people? Or would you prefer to work with products and machinery? How much money do you want to make and how much work are you willing to do to make that amount?
  • Look at your strengths, interests, and values and match your personal profile to areas of work and the training needed.

The Wisconsin Career Assessment (wiscareers.wisc.edu/Default.asp) is an Internet assessment designed to help you identify your career interests, explore those career interests, and learn what kind of education and training you need for those careers.

This test has 180 questions, and you take it online. You’ll get the results immediately, and you can access them at any time.

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