Under the Umbrella: 2015 A Place in My Heart Conference

Cropped CoverHow many times have your kids asked you “Are we there yet?” This phrase is often heard on road trips, but it may also be something that you have asked yourself along the way of your adoption journey. Let’s face it: the adoption process can be long and daunting, and like any journey there will be ups and downs. So what can you do to equip yourself and your family to deal with challenges along the way?

Sue Badeau has asked herself that question many times. Over the years, Sue and her husband Hector have adopted and raised 22 children. Many of these were older children and sibling groups who experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, and had a vast range of special needs. Hector and Sue experienced tough times in which they faced teen pregnancy and children with addiction issues. There were periods during which Sue felt completely and utterly helpless. Yet with hope and faith and a lot of support, Sue and Hector managed to get through the challenges their family faced. Sue has used her experiences to teach other parents tools that can help them be successful in the long haul.

We welcome you to join us on Saturday, November 7th in Wisconsin Dells at the annual A Place in My Heart Conference, where Sue will be sharing lessons learned from her parenting journey. Sue will discuss how you can:

  • Manage the special needs of children who were adopted and have experienced trauma
  • Advocate for your child and locate appropriate and effective services to meet their needs
  • Create an effective tool kit for your parenting journey

For more information or to register for this conference, please visit https://apimh2015.eventbrite.com. If you would like to learn more about Sue Badeau, visit her website http://suebadeau.com. We also have limited copies of Sue’s book Are We There Yet? available for checkout from our resource library at www.wiadopt.org. We hope to see you there!


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