World Wide Wednesday September 9, 2015

iStock_000003621765_LargeIt’s World Wide Wednesday! Here’s what’s news in the world of foster care and adoption around the web:

  • “Let’s Read Our Story!” Your child’s adoption story is a tale you’ll tell over and over. Put words (and pictures) to paper with these pointers to create an adoption story book that’s guaranteed to be your child’s favorite bedtime read. (Adoptive Families magazine)
  • Aging Out: Life After Foster Care – For many youth across the nation, the transition into adulthood comes with questions. Questions such as: Where will they go to college or where they will get their first “real” job?Yet, for the youth raised through the foster care system the questions may be grimmer. Challenges about how they will gain needed life skills and where will they soon call home are more difficult for the foster teens moving into an adult world.
  • Top Ten Tips for a Successful First Year: That first year home with your newly adopted child. What will it be like? Many families worry about language barriers, whether or not they will truly love the child as their ‘own,’ will their other children adapt and thrive? (International Adoption)
  • 5 Ideas to Help Your Teen with Identity Challenges in AdoptionIf I remember correctly, teenagerdom is two parts hot mess, one part angst, and one part praying to survive it. I would venture a guess, and this is pulled from my own personal experiences, that every teenager goes through some type of identity crisis. I’m also pretty sure this is a hallmark experience during most individual’s teenage years. However, being an adoptee can add to this crisis. Being an adoptee brings many unique situations and issues to an already intense time in a child’s life

Have news you’d like to share? Please post in our comments!

Inclusion in this post does not imply an endorsement by the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families. The Coalition is not responsible for the content of these resources.


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