Under the Umbrella: Trauma and Trauma Informed Care

For many people, simply hearing the word trauma causes a strong and immediate reaction. Perhaps a quick intake of breath or a shudder down your spine; or maybe a picture that flashes through your mind. Whatever it is, it is likely not a positive reaction. Sometimes, for some parents, our own reactions to trauma — even just the word — can make working with children who have experienced trauma scary.

If you have been around the world foster care or adoption for any amount of time, you have likely heard about Trauma Informed Care (TIC). TIC means taking a child’s past trauma experiences into consideration when thinking about how to care for him today and in the future. Trauma experiences manifest differently in every child, and not all concerning behavior is the result of trauma. However, for some children, certain behaviors were learned and adapted as a response to abuse, neglect, or mistreatment he or she child was facing. These behaviors become maladaptive once the child is in a safe place.

As parents and caregivers, it’s sometimes difficult to know if a certain behavior is typical or not. This website from the Child Welfare Information Gateway may be a helpful starting point to learn more about child development and may help you determine the care plan for the child or youth in your home.

Every child that comes into your care will have had a different experience and unique ways of coping with those events. Many parents learn the most by listening and observing the child. If you see or hear something that causes you concern, please know that you can reach out for help. You can start by calling us (414-475-1246 or 800-762-8063) and speaking to a Resource Specialist. We can listen and lend support and possibly refer you to a professional who may be beneficial to you, the child, and your family.

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