Tip Sheet Tuesday – Life Books: A Creative and Fun Way to Express Yourself

This tip sheet is from our collection of tip sheets for children and youth in care. See what other tip sheets for youth are available on our website.

Everyone has a personal story to share. Life books give you the opportunity to tell your story (for your own sake) and share your story with others (if you want to) A life book is all about you, and life books help you express who you are by documenting your history. They connect you with your past.

Regardless of how much or how little information you have; the goal remains the same: document as much as you can about your life and your history in your own personal life book.Your story is important. You are important!Life Books: A Creative and Fun Way to Express Yourself

Getting Started
A life book can begin with just a few items and can expand as you continue to collect items. Gather as much information as you can. You will not need stacks of photo albums or piles of personal documents in order to start creating your life book.

Talk with your social worker, your foster or adoptive parents, your birth family, extended family, friends, neighbors, mentors, teachers, tutors, therapists, and anyone else who played a role in your life. Sometimes even people who only knew you casually might have some unexpected insight for you.

Let’s call this group of people your support network. We all need people to support and encourage us. Talking with your support network about your past and present situation is the perfect place to discover information about yourself. Creating a life book is a team project, so make sure to get as many people involved that you can.

Life Book Pages
Now that you are ready to start your life book, the next step is to decide what items that you would like to include in your life book. Remember, this is your life book and you get to decide what you would like to include. Be creative, be expressive, and be committed to starting and completing your life book. Below are some suggestions that you can consider.

  • Pictures, pictures, pictures! The old saying is, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is absolutely true. Gather as many pictures as you can. Ask your support network for pictures of you, your family, siblings, your extended family, your pet(s), your friends, your school, your house, and any other people or places that are important to you.
  • If you aren’t able to find a lot of pictures, ask your friends and family to start taking pictures of you. You, in turn, can take pictures of them for your book.
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