Tip Sheet Tuesday – What To Do While You Wait

Close-up of hourglassFamilies in the process of fostering or adopting experience a host of emotions and feelings: excitement, nervousness, wonder, eagerness, and more. But the hardest part of the whole process can be waiting. Waiting to complete your home study, waiting to receive the paperwork about your prospective child, waiting to welcome the child into your home, waiting to finalize the adoption.

Unfortunately, waiting time seems to be growing. But there are things you can focus on while you wait. You can:

  • Build a support network
  • Prepare your home
  • Research everything you can about bringing a child into your home
  • Take care of yourself and your family

Building Your Support Network
Your support network will likely consist of family, friends, and other community members who are supportive of your family’s decision to adopt. You can also join support groups for families who adopt.

These support groups may meet on a regular basis and plan activities to participate in, while other support groups may be online communities.

Support groups can be broad and provide support to any adoptive family, or they could be specific to a country or type of adoption.

Support groups are a great way to obtain advice and personal stories from people who understand the process and the level of anxiety that comes with it. For a list of support groups please visit our website, www.wiadopt.org.

Preparing Your Home
Preparing your home for a new child is another great way to stay busy while in the “waiting place.” A few suggestions for preparing your home and getting the everyday tasks under control are:

  • Preparing your child’s bedroom and childproofing the house. Buy items like furniture, baby gates, outlet covers, etc. as well as paint and decorate your child’s room.

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