Tip Sheet Tuesday: Camps

Picture1Does your son have asthma or ADHD? There’s a camp for that!

Do you have a child who doesn’t live with his siblings or has a different ethnic background than you? There’s a camp for that, too!

Is your family Quaker? Yep, there’s even a camp for you (however, you’ll have to go to New England if you want to go there).

Where to Start
With such a wide variety of summer amps, where do you start and how do you find the one that’s right for your child? Families agree on two things when it comes to finding a camp:

  1. You hear about most camps through your friends and your children’s friends.
  2. It’s a matter of luck — an email here or an ad in the paper there.

There are, however, also some great tools to help you find the right camp.

  • Wisconline is a great place to look for resources within Wisconsin. http://wisconline.com/attractions/ camps/index.html.
  • The YMCA has an extensive network of overnight camps and day camps. Their national site has a database that allows you to find camps within several miles of a zip code you enter. www.ymca.net
  • Can’t find that Quaker camp in Wisconsin? Try going to KidsCamp.com for resources in all 50 states. It even offers some overseas resources, as well. www.kidscamps.com
  • Another national database is the American Camp Accreditation, which is the agency that has up to 300 standards by which they certify a camp. http://find.acacamps.org

Who Else Can You Contact? (Read more)


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