Tip Sheet Tuesday: Is Fostering a Good Fit for Us?

Wanted: Special families for special kids—take the challenge through foster care.

The ad caught your eye. You have been thinking about doing foster care for a long time. You think you want to commit Is Fostering a Good Fit?yourself and your family to fostering a child. But how do you involve your kids in the decision making and prepare them for the addition of a foster youth? Whether your kids live at home with you, or are out on their own, listen to their thoughts and ideas about fostering.

Talk about Foster Care
Depending upon the age and maturity of your children, the first step to making a decision about family foster care is to have a discussion with your kids. Kids may have many questions about the youth that are in foster care.

Eventually, your family will want to discuss what ages, gender, and types of kids fit best for your family. Have a family meeting and talk about the special needs of kids in foster care.

What abilities and skills do family members have to help meet these needs?

Consider discussing the following topics:

Purpose of foster care. Foster care provides kids the care they need (such as getting medical treatment, counseling, living in a safe home, exposing kids to healthy family life, supporting kids to attend school) for positive changes to happen for the child and their family. Kids in foster care can often be reunited with their family or sometimes adopted.

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