Training: Supporting Children & Youth with Sensory Processing Issues

The five sensesFor some children, it might be sound. For others, it might be touch or sight. Regardless of the particulars, children with sensory issues can’t rely on their senses to give them an accurate picture of what’s happening around them. As a result, they may struggle with appropriate behavior.

No matter how they manifest, sensory issues can make the world a difficult place for children to live in. Understanding hidden sensory challenges and brain development, in the context of adverse childhood experiences, will help caregivers reframe a child’s behaviors. The trainer will also explore the role of play as a caregiving tool through all seven senses and will discuss therapeutic practices with low to no cost activities.

About the Trainer
Deb Buchanan has been an Occupational Therapist since 1993. She worked for Cooperative Educational Service Agency #1, providing school-based occupational therapy from 1994 to 1999. Since 2000, she has been providing OT services as an independent contractor, has completed her master’s degree in occupational therapy (2004), and, in 2005, formed Kids Discover Success Therapeutics, LLC. She has consulted with SaintA since 2008 in community-based services with children and youth in foster care and has provided professional development training to their staff about sensory-based interventions within Trauma Informed Care from 2009-2013. Deb continues to provide trainings to agencies, services to families in Wraparound and independent charter schools in Milwaukee.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

$20/participant, $80/agency group

The Coalition for Children, Youth and Families Or attend via webinar

Register online at or contact or call 414-475-1246


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