Under the Umbrella: My Wish

Dominique Age 6 Calumet County_Page_1It’s been about a month since we kicked off our #100DaysOfWishes campaign on Facebook in an effort to help recruit foster families throughout Wisconsin. The response to date has been incredible. We have seen a huge increase in

  • the number of people who like our Facebook page
  • the number of comments on and shares of the #100DaysOfWishes posts
  • a 23% increase in the number of inquiries about how to become a foster parent
  • parents talking to other parents on Facebook, encouraging them to foster.

We’re thrilled with the results and we hope to keep these positive changes going. But we need your help in order to make that happen.

Bryson  Age 5  Racine CountyWe need foster parents to talk with the children and youth in their care and ask them about their wishes. Simple things like some of the examples in this newsletter. Here’s how you can help:

  • Ask the child or youth to write down his or her wish in one sentence starting with “I wish . . .” or “My wish is . . .” Each child can submit as many wishes as he or she would like! But please submit only one wish per page.
  • Artwork is strongly encouraged to be included with the child’s wish!
  • All submissions should be handwritten or hand drawn or painted.
    • Wishes can be scanned and sent via email or mailed to:
      Coalition for Children, Youth & Families
      Attn: Jenna Czaplewski
      6682 W Greenfield Ave., Ste 310
      Milwaukee WI 53214

We are looking to share as many wishes as we can; not only during the #100DaysOfWishes campaign, but continuing through the year, as well. You can help by working with the children you care for to create more wishes for us to feature. You can also help us share the campaign by liking our Facebook page and sharing the #100DaysOfWishes posts when they are up!

Nylah, age 6, Washington CountyIf you have any questions about the campaign or how to submit a wish, please call Jenna at 414-475-1246 or 1-800-762-8063. You may also send an email to mywish@coalitionforcyf.org.

The My Wish campaign is a collaborative effort with SERVE Marketing, the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, and the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families.

Under the Umbrella is the weekly enewsletter from the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families. If you would like to sign up to receive this newsletter in your in-box, please do so here.


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