World Wide Wednesday, February 25, 2015

iStock_000003621765_LargeIt’s World Wide Wednesday! Here’s what’s news in the world of foster care and adoption around the web:

  • You CAN Help: a video for non-foster parents who want to lend a hand in another way.
  • Adoption Advocate: Avoiding the Perils and Pitfalls of Intercountry Adoption from Non-Hague Countries. In the February 2015 issue of NCFA’s Adoption Advocate, Christine Lockhart Poarch and McLane Layton present Part I of a two-part series that will provide an overview of the most common perils and pitfalls involved in designating a child as an orphan under U.S. law and emphasize best practices for agencies and adoptive families. Download the PDF of Adoption Advocate No. 80 or view the web version.
  • Generations United Provides Snapshot of “Grandfamilies”: In December, Generations United released The State of Grandfamilies in America: 2014, finding that over one-quarter (27%) of foster children are being raised by grandparents and other relatives. Of the 7.8 million children living in households headed by grandparents or other relatives, for about one-third, their parents do not live with them and 2.7 million grandparents are responsible for the children living with them. Generations United offers policy recommendations including empowering youth and caregivers to advocate for themselves 
and preparing caregivers to meet the specific needs of their children.
  • New Publication Provides Overview of Common Adoption Expenses and Availability of Financial Assistance: The Adoption Exchange, in collaboration with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and the National Endowment for Financial Education, has developed a booklet entitled “How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option”. The publication reviews typical adoption expenses, both pre and post adoption, and also reviews resources pertaining to available financial assistance programs.

Have news you’d like to share? Please post in our comments!


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