‘Grandfamilies’ becoming more commonplace

Advocates for Families First



Linda and Jackie Dowdy’s daughters left the nest years ago, but their home is far from empty.

Their 16- and 14-year old granddaughters McKynzie and McKayla keep their Mayfield home full of life, day in and day out. They call Linda “Granny” and Jackie “Pawpaw,” but they are their parents and have been since they were small.

“They’re our kids,” Linda said of ‘Kynzie and ‘Kayla. “Talk to anybody else that’s raised their grandkids for that long. They’re yours.”

“Grandfamilies” is the term for households like the Dowdys.

Nationally about 3 percent of children live in grandfamilies (families headed by grandparents or relatives), according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The percentage of Kentucky children living with their grandparents is double the national average. Kentucky, Delaware, Louisiana and West Virginia have the highest rate of children in grandfamilies at 6 percent.

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