Upcoming Training: Should I Be Concerned? Sexual Behavior in Children & Youth

200355237-001Has your child has started to exhibit some sexual behavior? You may be asking yourself if this is typical development or something more. This topic can be tough for some parents and this training will provide practical input for caregivers with concerns about the sexualized behaviors of children in their care, including ideas on how to respond.  This training will help parents and caregivers to learn what they can do to promote a child’s healthy sexual development.

The Rainbow Project, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization, providing services to children and families experiencing stress related to, but not limited to, the effects of:

  • Trauma (resulting from physical, sexual and emotional maltreatment, and other sources)
  • Neglect
  • Attachment issues (parent/caregiver and child relationship)
  • Witness to domestic violence
  • Other biological and environmental stressors

About the Trainers

Sharyl Kato, MS, LPC, is the Director of and a Child/Adult & Family Therapist with the Rainbow Project,Inc.  Ms. Kato also works with The UW Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, and is a Clinical Adjunct Professor with the Dept. of Psychiatry. Ms. Kato specializes in areas of prevention, early intervention, crisis support, and treatment of childhood/family trauma, including child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, community violence, grief/loss, and natural disasters.

Darren LeCount, LCSW, is the Clinical Manager & a Child & Adult Family Psychotherapist at the Rainbow Project, Inc., in Madison, Wisconsin.  His professional background includes assessment, treatment, follow-up, and crisis intervention services with children, adolescents, and adult consumers impacted by trauma and other stressors.  He has experience working in psychiatric hospital, residential treatment, respite, foster care, and outpatient settings.  In addition to individual, group, and family therapy, he has provided training, consultation, case coordination, and advocacy to caregivers and professionals from various disciplines (medical, legal, educational, child protection).

Registration Information

Thursday, October 9, 2014

6-8 p.m.

$80/agency group

Attend in person at The Rainbow Project Inc. (831 E Washington Avenue, Madison, WI) or attend via webinar

Register online or contact info@coalitionforcyf.org or call 414-475-1245 (1-800-762-8063)


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