Jockey Being Family Conference – Pieces of Me: The Puzzle of Identity


Front PanelHave you ever felt as though you don’t belong? Maybe with a group of people or in a particular scene or setting? For children and youth who have been adopted, feeling as though they don’t belong or fit in can sometimes grow into questions about who they are as a person.

Every person who has been adopted experiences his or her adoption journey in different ways; but there are common themes that include:

  • peer pressure and bullying
  • adoptee loyalty and thoughts about searching for biological family members
  • grief and/or trauma
  • attachment challenges
  • intrusive questions

The Jockey Being Family Conference, Pieces of Me: The Puzzle of Identity, will provide both parents and their children (ages 6-17) who have been adopted with an opportunity to explore adoption identity.

Children and youth will spend a portion of their day with Jaclyn Skalnik, a transracial internationally adopted person, with the goal of leaving at the end of the day with a better understanding of their adoption story, feelings of curiosity about their adoption exploration, and stronger self-esteem through education and emotional support. When not in session with Jaclyn, children and youth will spend time engaging in arts projects and games with fellow adoptees; connecting with one another in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

Parents and caregivers will also have a session with Jaclyn, addressing common thoughts, questions, and struggles that children who were adopted may experience. By sharing stories, experiential exercises, and role playing, Jaclyn will provide:

  • recommendations of tangible ways for parents and caregivers to connect or stay connected to their children through realistic discussions
  • tips on how families can establish a community of networking to support their children in ways beyond their own parenting abilities
  • suggestions on how to help their children feel health, strong, and deserving

When not in session with Jaclyn, parents and caregivers will have workshops on self-care, an adult adoptee panel, and a wrap-up of what their children experienced during the day.

Conference Details & Registration Information

Jockey Being Family Conference
Pieces of Me: The Puzzle of Identity
Saturday, September 27, 2014
Country Springs Hotel
$40 per person/$70 per twosome
$10 per child
(adopted children only, ages 6-17)
Registration Deadline: September 11, 2014
Questions? Call 414-475-1246 or email



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