World Wide Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It’s World Wide Wednesday! Here’s what’s happening the world of foster care and adoption around the web:


  • 8 Phrases Foster & Adopted Children Need to Hear: It’s from a place of anxiety and fear that children from hard places often enter our lives. With messages of hopelessness echoing in the recesses of our children’s minds, we can sometimes feel like our words, actions and intentions have little effect. Let me offer a little hope. I’ve seen significant improvement in my daughters behaviors, performance at school and self-confidence by simply changing the words that I speak over them.

    Here are 8 important phrases that our children need to hear from us….

  • 5 Facts Every Family Should Know about Challenging Behaviors

  • “The goodbyes certainly are not my favorite part of foster care. Sometimes in the healthiest of situations, foster parents are allowed to continue to be a part of a child’s life after they’ve moved on, but sadly that isn’t always the case.” What it’s like when a foster family says goodbye.
  • Mental Health Problems in Foster Care Children: Many children in the US foster care system have experienced trauma that can result in a diagnosable mental health disorder or symptoms that mimic one. This handout from Baylor College of Medicine, provides guidance to foster parents on how to prepare for doctor visits, recommends questions to ask the doctor, explains informed consent, and describes the steps the doctor will take in diagnosing and treating the child.

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