Partners Newsletter – Summer Issue

Untitled-1We have all been there. We are going along with our daily lives and everything feels good and then, out of the blue, life throws us a curve ball and we find ourselves feeling downright terrible. And, while we can certainly wish that we didn’t have these tough times, we can usually get through them to find that the good times are that much better for the experience.  We don’t always know when those curve balls are coming, which is what makes building in daily self care so important. Taking care of yourself during good and bad times can make the good times feel even better and help the bad times not feel so terrible. We all have a variety of needs. In general, we can group those various needs into larger buckets: physical needs, emotional and social needs, intellectual needs, and spiritual needs. This whole issue of Partners, can help give you some tips, ideas, and thoughts on how to keep your need buckets full every day – so that you have resources and resilience to draw on when tough times come your way. You will read articles about

  • Keeping your need buckets full
  • Taking care of yourself while taking care of your family
  • How to tell it’s time for a break – and how to take one
  • Helpful resources, and more.

The Summer issue of our Partners newsletter is up and posted on our website.


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