World Wide Wednesday, April 23, 2014


174337705It’s World Wide Wednesday! Here’s what’s happening the world of foster care and adoption around the web:


  • A must watch video: ReMoved. ReMoved follows the emotional story through the eyes of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care. WARNING: Some of the content is not appropriate for children.
  • 10 Things Every Birth Mother Wants Adoptive Parents to KnowThere are 10 things every birthmother thinks about, wishes for, and hopes for when placing their child for adoption. If you are in an open adoption, you may have heard some already, if not, they are important to know. (Continue Reading)
  • 10 Things Foster Parents Wish Their Case Managers Knew. “Last night my wife and I had the honor of hosting our monthly adoption support group in our home. We do this once a month and it’s always refreshing. While the group is made up of adoptive parents, most have been, or currently are, active foster parents. As we sat around our dining room table, enjoying one another’s company, I posed this question to the group: “What are some things you wish, or wished, your case managers knew?”


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