World Wide Wednesday, April 9, 2014

174337705It’s World Wide Wednesday! Here’s what’s happening the world of foster care and adoption around the web:

  • The Extended Family of My Two Open Adoptions: I follow Donna out to the car where she shows me the festival of pink fabrics she’s planning to use to make a quilt for my seven-year-old daughter, Eve.

    I touch the colors and coo. Donna is not Eve’s godmother or even a family friend. She’s her biological great-aunt. As Donna and I talk quilts, Eve is inside the house, getting ready to hold her birth mother’s new baby, born just a week ago. Laney is almost 30, and more settled than she was when she gave birth to Eve. She has chosen to raise the new baby herself. As I walk in, Laney’s tight, rust-colored curls fall on Eve’s face as she places the infant in Eve’s arms. My energetic little girl becomes calm. (Continue Reading)

  • Profile of a Former Foster Kid: Ashley Crossan has a bedroom in a non-profit housing project, and is determined to finish high school and find a job.

    This may not initially sound like the plot of a success story, but it is, compared to the outcomes for many other former foster children.

    Against all odds, 20-year-old Crossan is a resilient and determined young woman. (Continue Reading)

  • 10 Guidelines to Stopping Cyberbullying: Adults can teach kids critical skills for coping with online aggression. (Continue Reading)
  • Why Helping Traumatized Children Find the Right Words is So Important: Jane Evans, trauma parenting specialist and author of How Are You Feeling Today Baby Bear? writes about the importance of helping children who have experienced domestic abuse or other trauma to identify and talk about their feelings. (Continue Reading)

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