Adoption, Foster Care, Family . . . How Do We Use the Internet and Social Media?

Partners Newsletter PictureWe live in a changing world. We don’t do research via books – we use the Internet. We connect with our friends and family through email, Face Time, Skype, and text messages. And the world of social media changes every day. Upgrades, updates, new platforms, and other changes take effect just as soon as we learn how to navigate each platform! Or so it seems. It’s no wonder that many parents find themselves confused and overwhelmed. Whether you are deciding which sites you should sign up for or monitoring your children’s site usage, there is a lot to learn.

In our Spring 2014 issue of the Partners newsletter, we’ve tackled this broad – and sometimes tricky – topic. You’ll find articles such as:

  • An Introduction to Social Media
  • Safely Searching via Social Media
  • Keeping Yourself and Your Foster and Adoptive Kids Safe
  • Connecting with Birth Family
  • Can Social Media Help When You’re Considering Adoption?
  • and more.

Please visit our website to download and read this info-packed newsletter!


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