World Wide Wednesday – November 20, 2013

174337705It’s World Wide Wednesday! Here’s what’s happening the world of foster care and adoption around the web:

  • New resource on single parent adoption: This factsheet discusses some of the main issues to consider when making the decision to adopt as a single person. Topics covered include considerations that might affect the decision to adopt, such as support, finances, employment; the different types of adoption, including adoption from foster care, through intercountry adoption, and through private domestic adoption; working with an adoption agency; completing the adoption and making the adjustment in your home life; and bonding with your new child.
  • The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) produced adoption fact sheets for SPARC to help inform adoption community members and adoption advocates. The fact sheets, derived mostly from 2011 AFCARS data, have information about the number of waiting children, the length of time children spend in care, the race of waiting and adopted children, types of exits from foster care, Title IV-E payments, and more.
  • The University of Minnesota Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare’s journal – CW360 – published a special Winter 2013 issue, “Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice.” It contains 24 short articles covering a range of research, practice and policy-related issues on the impact of traumatic stress on children and adolescents, working with foster and adoptive parents to help children heal, and trauma screening within the child welfare system.
  • Families around the country celebrate adoption during the month of November and Adoption Today has dedicated its November issue to celebrating those families. In addition, the issue features an exclusive interview with the State Department’s Ambassador Susan Jacobs, who gives an update on the current status of intercountry adoption.

Have news you’d like to share? Please post in our comments!


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