World Wide Wednesday – October 23, 2013

174337705It’s World Wide Wednesday! Here’s what’s happening the world of foster care and adoption around the web:

  • The Impact of Adoption on Adopted Persons – This factsheet for families discusses the impact of adoption on adopted persons who have reached adulthood. There are several themes that emerge from personal accounts and data from academic studies about issues that adopted persons may face. This factsheet addresses these themes, which include loss, the development of identity and self-esteem, interest in genetic information, and managing adoption issues.
  • The Children’s Bureau, AdoptUSKids, and the Child Welfare Information Gateway have launched a special website for National Adoption Month this November. The site contains resources for professionals and parents to recruit families and share information about adoption. Youth resources on the site include information about becoming engaged in their permanency plan and connecting with peers.
  • Check out this newsletter to read 15 tips from a former youth in care.
  • The Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents – This factsheet for families discusses some of the emotional issues that parents may face after making the decision to place an infant for adoption, in surrendering the child, and in handling the feelings that often persist afterwards.

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