World Wide Wednesday – September 18, 2013

174337705It’s World Wide Wednesday! Here’s what’s happening the world of foster care and adoption around the web:

  • The Child Welfare Information Gateway presents a redesigned website section that includes four new sub-sections on foster care, group and residential care, family finding/recruiting and retaining resource families, and resources for kinship caregivers and foster families.  It also includes sub-sections on casework practice, transition to adulthood and independent living, placement decisions, and resources for kinship caregivers and foster families.
  • This webpage from highlights the topic of children of incarcerated parents.  It provides a variety of resources on this topic, including feature articles, publications, information on T/TA Network resource centers, tools and guides, and websites.
  • School has just started; are you seeing any troubles? Check out this Back to School Issue of the Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parents Association’s Weekly Word.
  • In an article on Huffington Post, Gary Stangler—executive director of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative—details the incredibly high costs related to youth aging out of foster care. An Initiative study found that on average, for every youth who ages out of  care, taxpayers and communities pay $300,000 in costs such as public assistance, incarceration, and lost wages over that person’s lifetime.

Have news you’d like to share? Please post in our comments!


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