Thanksgiving Adoption

by Debbie Maley

Do you remember Nov. 24th, 2009? The Maley family does. It is a day that we will never forget.

Wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Maybe I should start from the beginning.

In 2006, it just got to be too hard for me to work full-time, so we turned our business over to our daughter.

I remember thinking, “I have worked since I was 12 years old. What was I going to do without a job?” Then I thought about my husband telling me about all the kids in the foster care system, and how more and more youngsters were entering because of abuse, and it really upset him.

I sat down with him and asked him if he still thought about being foster parents and he said, “Yes!”

We sat down with our daughter and told her what we wanted to do and she supported us 100%.

We started out with two young siblings. They were with us for five months and they went up for adoption. It was a very hard decision to make, but we had to let them go. We just couldn’t handle two young children. They ended up going to a wonderful family and we were very they had found a great family.

The week they were gone was very hard. With those two children gone, our house once again was pretty empty.

A few days later, we received a phone call from our caseworker. She told us that she was aware we were having a difficult time with the two kids being gone, but she said had an emergency placement for a six-month-old baby boy. We said, “Yes, bring him.”

There sat this scared little boy. I immediately picked him up, and talked to him to try and ease his fears. That is until our daughter showed up. She immediately grabbed him out of my arms and the instant chemistry was there.

We had Kobi for 15 months when one Tuesday morning our caseworker called and said. “You are going to have a Thanksgiving baby.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I will admit I cried. I immediately called my husband and daughter who happened to be together and told them the good news. Nov. 24th we would be adopting Kobi and he would be part of our family.

Has it been easy? Sometimes no, but it is so worth it. Kobi has gone through two surgeries and the death of a someone who was very close to the family whom he adored. He has spent a lot of time at doctors and now a therapist is helping him deal with death at the young age of four.

Kobi is a typical boy. Yes, he gets in to trouble, but his smiles, the love he has for you, the way he cares for you, the way the room lights up when he walks in is incredible!

Kobi is so much like all of us and fits in this family perfectly. You can have a bad day and that little boy will brighten it for you. He has brought so much enthusiasm in to this family.

He is like our daughter was when she was little: very easily excited and thrilled about doing new things.

Our daughter is all grown up now and she totally understands why we adopted Kobi. She is very protective over him and helps us care for him, if needed. She was born in 1980 and has waited a long time to get a brother.

If you are wondering if this is possible for you to do this? Well, the answer is yes. Please, take a chance. These kids are so worth it. Is it hard work? Yes, sometimes it is but again so worth it.

You see, my husband and I were 50 when we adopted Kobi, so we are basically starting over and it has been worth every minute. The joy, the excitement, the thrill. We thank God for bringing this boy in to our lives!


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