Our Home Our Family

What is Our Home Our Family?

Successful adoptions and foster care placement don’t begin or end when families open their hearts and homes to welcome the children into their lives. Success comes through positive communication, education, peer support and coaching skills. That’s what Our Home Our Family (OHOF) is.

OHOF has been tested with real families just like yours . . . and the results have been amazing:

  • 97% of couples who have been trained felt that their family functioning had improved.
  • 99% of couples trained said they had a better understanding of their family’s needs and challenges.
  • Couples reported a 380% increase in confidence when dealing with their children’s behavior.
  • The length of time between instances of children’s troubles at school increased by 72%.

Better yet, all of these improvements have held for a full year after training – in many situations, families are still seeing positive changes five years after they took the OHOF classes.

“The Our Home Our Family program encouraged us to spend more time as a family doing more things together and talking more openly about things that we normally would never have talked about in the past.”

Is Our Home Our Family Right for Me?

Our Home Our Family isn’t just a one-shot workshop. By commiting to a series of training sessions, you and your partner will learn

  • How to stay connected and keep your relationship strong through good times, bad times and challenging times.
  • How to spot warning signs in your relationship with your child and with your partner – and how to diffuse highly stressful situations.
  • How to calm down when you’re boiling over with anger or frustration – and how to help your child cope with a meltdown.
  • How to work through conflict in your relationship with each other and with your children.
  • How to manage ongoing relationships with members of your child’s birth family.

Our Home Our Family not only provides you with the tools to strengthen your relationship with your child and your partner, but will teach you how to use and adapt the tools to fit your unique family situation. You’ll meet other parents facing similar situations and, over the course of your nine sessions, build a personal support network that you can continue to rely on as your family grows.

This program requires a major investment of time and energy from lives that are already busy and demanding; but in return, you’ll see a major impact on your family life. Come join us.

“My partner and I have learned that it is important to put each other first and nurture our relationship. We make time to talk and just be together so we can stay connected, which enables us to face the many challenges we face as we parent our hurt children.”

5 sessions

Saturdays, October 13th, October 20th, November 17th, December 1st, & December 15th

Adoption Resources of Wisconsin

6682 W. Greenfield Ave., Suite 310

Milwaukee, WI 53214

Online registration: http://ohof2012fall.eventbrite.com

Or call 414-475-1246

Fee: $55 per couple

Includes materials, lunch each session, celebration dinner, and child care stipend.

You will also receive a 50% off registration fee to our annual A Place In My Heart Conference in Wisconsin Dells on November 3rd.

Our Home Our Family™  is a curriculum developed by Adoption Resources of Wisconsin and LCLC, Inc., Seattle. For more information about the curriculum, visit our website www.ourhome-ourfamily.org.


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